Course Catalogue

Faculty of Social and Economic Relations

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Economic Policy of European Union , 6 ECTS, winter

Employment Relations, 5 ECTS, winter

English Lanuage for Pesonalists I., 2 ECTS, winter

English Language III., 3 ECTS, winter

Financial Management, 5 ECTS, winter

Human Resources Management, 6 ECTS, winter

International Labor Market and Employment Policy in English Language , 5 ECTS, winter

Macroeconomics, 5 ECTS, winter

Management, 6 ECTS, winter

Managerial Competences and Skills in English Language, 4ECTS, winter

Marketing, 5 ECS, winter

Organizational Behavior, 5 ECTS, winter

Public Relations, 5 ECTS, winter

Social and Economic Development Strategy, 2 ECTS, winter

English Language for personalists II, 2 ECTS, summer

English Language IV., 3 ECTS, summer

EU Economy and Politics in English Language, 4 ECTS, summer

Human Resources Management II, 6 ECTS, summer

International Economics, 3 ECTS, summer

International Marketing in English Language, 3 ECTS, summer

Management and Career Development, 5 ECTS, summer

Marketing in Engli Language, 3 ECTS, summer

Microeconomics, 5 ECTS, summer

Organization Culture, 5 ECTS, summer

Personnel Marketing, 3 ECTS, summer

Project Management + project, 5 ECTS, summer

Strategic Management in English Language, 4 ECTS, summer 



Faculty of Special Technology

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Introduction to the Numerical Modeling in MATLAB I., 6 ECTS, winter                                 

Diagnostics of Machines  I., 5 ECTS, winter                                                                        

Testing of Technical Materials, 6 ECTS, winter                                                       

CNC Programming, 6 ECTS, winter                                               

Technology of Material Processing I., 6 ECTS, winter                                                  

Computer Aided Design in CATIA I., 6 ECTS, winter                                         

Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics and Statistics, 4 ECTS, winter                     

Seminar Work, 4 ECTS, winter                                                     

Designing and Construction of Weapons, 5 ECTS, winter                                                   

Weapon Systems, 5 ECTS, winter                                                     

CAE Systems in Production Process  I., 6 ECTS, summer                                                   

Computer Aided Design in CATIA  II., 6 ECTS, summer                                                

Technology of Material Processing II., 6 ECTS, summer                                           

Applied Informatics, 4 ECTS, summer                                               

Final Project, 6 ECTS, summer                                                                          

Barrel Weapons, 5 ECTS, summer                                                

Technical Cybernetics, 4 ECTS, summer


Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov

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Selected Chapters in Mathematics I, 5 ECTS, winter

Material Science I, 6 ECTS, winter

Material Science II, 5 ECTS, winter

Selected Chapters from Physics II, 6 ECTS, winter

Selected Chapters from the Mechanics of Bodies I, 5 ECTS, winter

Applied Chemistry, 6 ECTS, winter

Physical Chemistry of Materials, 5 ECTS, winter

Environmental Engineering, 3 ECTS, winter

Technical Materials, 4 ECTS, winter

Computational Modeling in Materials Engineering I, 5 ECTS, winter

Microscopic Methods of Structure Evaluation, 4 ECTS, winter

Polymeric Materials, 7 ECTS, winter

Toxicology and High-risk Characteristics of Materials, 4 ECTS, winter

Ceramic Materials, 6 ECTS, winter

Rubber Technology, 4 ECTS, winter

Selected Chapters in Mathematics II, 5 ECTS, summer

Technology of Material Processing I, 5 ECTS, summer

Technology of Material Processing II, 4 ECTS, summer

Selected Chapters from Physics I, 5 ECTS, summer

Selected Chapters from the Mechanics of Bodies II, 5 ECTS, summer

Technical Mineralogy and Crystallography, 5 ETS, summer

Waste Engineering, 5 ECTS, summer

Computational Modeling in Materials Engineering II, 5 ECTS, summer

Advanced Composite Materials, 4 ECTS, summer

Polymeric Material Analysis, 6 ECTS, summer

Energetics and Environment, 5 ECTS, summer

Organic Chemistry of Materials, 6 ECTS, summer



Katedra politológie Web page: 

Comparative Politics I, 6 ECTS, winter

Information Society, 6 ECTS, winter

International Political Relations, 6 ECTS, winter

Introduction to Diplomacy and Diplomatic Protocol, 3 ECTS, winter

Introduction to European Policy, 6 ECTS, winter

Introduction to Political Science Theory, 6 ECTS, winter

Methodology of Research in Political Science, 6 ECTS. winter

Modern Political Ideologies, 6 ECTS, winter

Political Parties and Elections, 6 ECTS, winter

Political Culture, 6 ECTS, winter

Political_Geography, 3 ECTS, winter

US Politics, 3 ECTS, winter



Faculty of Health

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Physiotherapy (Bachelor)

Physiotherapy (Master)

Laboratory Medicine (Bachelor)

Nursing (Bachelor)

Nursing (Master)

Public Health (Bachelor)