About University

The University was founded at the time of big changes and expectations - at the dawn of the 21th century, in 1997. When the University was open, it had only 720 students. Nowadays about 6200 students are enrolled in the courses offered by the University.
The main divisions of the University are:

  • The Faculty of Social and Economic Relations,
  • The Faculty of Special Technology,
  • The Faculty of Health Care
  • The Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov,
  • Department of Political Sciences.

Offices of the University Rector, as well as The Faculty of Social and Economic Relations, Department of Political Sciences is located in the Studentska Street, in the suburb of Sihot, which is not far from the city center, the railway station, and the bus station.

The campus in the Studentska Street consists of three buildings: A, B and C.

Building "A" houses rector's office, The Office of International Relations and Erasmus Programs, language labs, gym with the fitness center and the university dining room, where  teachers and students can have lunch. 

Building "B" houses a conference room and a large student hall, on the ground floor there is caffeteria. The Faculty of Health Care and the Department of the Political Science.

Building "C" is the seat of The Faculty of Social and Economic Relations, it houses the teachers offices and lecture rooms. The basement of the building was remodelled recently and serves as a faculty library.


The Faculty of Special Technology is located in the part of Trenčín called "Záblatie" - Pri parku Street.


The University library is located in the center of the city, within walking distance from the University campus.


 The Faculty of Industrial Technologies is located in Púchov (approx. 46 km from Trencin). 

Main building of faculty in Púchov

Dormitory for students of Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov

Dormitory in Záblatie

Canteen in Púchov