Where can I find information about the prorams of study offered by the University?

It is recommended that you read the university study programme (list of subjects offered in English for Erasmus students)


If friends or family come to visit me, where can I find information about accommodation in the city?

It is recommended that the visitors get the plan of the city in the Tourist Information Centre. The city plan includes the list of hostels, pensions and hotels located in the city with their street addresses, telephone numbers andinternet websites where prices can be found. Information can be also found on www.visittrencin.sk.


Where is the Office of International Relations?

It is located in the university building A, on the 2nd floor, on the left side, in the middle of the corridor. (A204)

How can I get around the city?

The city has a public transportation bus system and its buses can take you to any area or part of the city. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver.  Students can get discounted fares by purchasing “ munipassports” in the city municipal transportation agency. Bus lines number 24 and 25 can take you to the largest shopping mall „Laugaricio“.


Playing sports at university

For sport oriented students, the  university gym and its fitness centre offer opportunity to play table tennis, football, basketball. To be enrolled in the sport activity, you have to contact the university sports coordinator. (lubomir.kral@tnuni.sk)


How can I get to Trencin from the Bratislava airport?

Bus line number 61 will take you from the airport to the main railway station.  Tickets can be purchased from the bus ticket vending machines located at the bus stop. At the main railway station information boards will indicate the train number, final destination,  platform, and the time of departure. Railway timetable can be found on the website www.cp.sk which also includes bus schedules between cities, or check our website, the section How to arrive to Trencin.


What are the most important places and sights to see in Trencin?

The best way to see Trencin is to climb up to the castle which offers  panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.  Trenčín is an old historical city and all the sights cannot be seen in one day. On the website www.visittrencin.sk you can find many useful information about the sights of Trencin. 


For those interested in shopping the shopping malls “Max” and “Laugaricio” are dream destinations. In the shopping mall “Max” there are also cinema theatres. In the city centre you can visit two small gift shops and find number of  small cafés, restaurants and bars. In the shopping mall “Laugaricio” and the nearby store “Tesco” there are several cafeterias and fast food restaurants.


Can I get answers to my questions by e-mail?

Yes, the university Erasmus coordinator will be pleased to answer your questions. For more information write to erasmus@tnuni.sk


More questions?

Feel free to contact us at erasmus@tnuni.sk.