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ZEMA, d.o.o.



Slovenia, Šempeter pri Gorici

On the border of Italy in Slovenia. Very nice mountains and hiking all around. About 25. minutes drive to the seaside. How to get here: 25.minutes drive from the Airport of Trieste in Italy, about 1 hour 15.minutes drive from airport of Ljubljana in Slovenia and 1.5 hours drive from the airport of Venice, Italy. We help you find accommodation together with other students with wireless Internet unlimited access 24 hours. Please hurry up, we have limited places available!


We are looking for students that would be working in our company as  Erasmus students in the field of personal development and personal growth (from September).

We have developed the following courses:

  • Think, feel and grow rich, which is based on the bestselling book of Napoleon Hill
  • Law of Attraction - based on several authors, also books and films  like Secret and authors like Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • More work in the field of Neuro-lingustic programming (NLP)
OTHER (Description of Activities)More work in the field of Neuro-lingustic programming (NLP)We would like the students to study those concepts, to learn from those basic principles and help us in at least one        (preferably more than one) of the following:
  • Promote events throughout Europe over Internet (events will be in UK, Mexico, Italy and Slovenia),
  • Promote the events by doing web-marketing (increasing Google ranking),
  • Research the field, that is really huge, but we need to find a niche for researching,
  • Help us write articles in the fields mentioned in the points 1,2 and 3,
  • Help us build our new website in English,
  • Create new design, new book ideas, new programmes,
  • Find publishers, promoters, agents for books that we are publishing at the moment,
  • Help with the organization of other events, like conferences, trainings etc - some manual but also fun jobs,
  • Be on the large conference with us in November helping with registration, badges, but also staying in the evening entertainment programme with us,
  • Be flexible as we might find some new inspirational jobs for them during the actual placement!

Be flexible as we might find some new inspirational jobs for them during the actual placement!

For the nature of work we would like students that are from the  following areas:

  • Social science
  • Psychology
  • MedicineBusiness
  • IT Design
  • Language studies
However, having said that if you feel inspired to help other people to improve their lives, we would welcome you to join us in our company also if you study in a different field. No special working skills are required but open minded.
BENEFITSAs a courtesy and only if we would have enough students we would run Certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses for all the students throughout the 3 months period, that would be able to get both certificates. However if you would like to get an international certificate signed from the founder of NLP, dr. Richard Bandler, then the costs of obtaining the certificate, shipping and handling costs would need to be covered by the student. The certificate is recognized worldwide. We only can issue our own certificates free of charge. Both courses will be only done on request of students, will not be obligatory and would be our gift to the students.

If you are interested in this placement offer, send us your CV in English and term you are available.