Bus Trencin

Public transport in Trencin, is very similar to what we can find in any city european. We can find all the information on its Web www.sadtn.sk

There are two bus lines in the city. There are red ‘urban buses’ red, and blue bus intercity 
Trencin’s  bus are divided into 3 zones, with different colors red, yellow and green, as seen in the image below for the map of all the stops. 



This image, the place and de name of bus stop, we can be found by clicking on the link below: http://www.visittrencin.sk/mapa-liniek-mhd .

 For the bus route we go to the next page http://www.imhd.zoznam.sk/tn/index.php?w =. The page is in Slovak but then I will detail the steps to find the bus you wish to see the stops taking it does.

1- We open the dropdown in the upper left corner of the screen and select the city you wish to see the bus in particular (in this case Trencin).



2- Next we must select the first option of the above where it says "Cestovné poriadky." We Can See here all of the buses.



3- You select the drop-down finally where it says "Autobusy" and select the bus as you want to watch.


It is important to know where to find a bus stop when we are walking in the street, we can find signaling such as following picture: 


These four distinctions, we can be distinguished from the 3 on the left (red, yellow and green) are urban buses and intercity buses blue.

The legend of these posters is: we can read the word BUS and the name of bus stop bus. 
Under these, there are another distinction with the distinction of corresponding colored buses that pass through the same stop and the number of the bus or buses passing through that point. As well as the right signal, the blue for intercity buses, is only by identifying the name of the stop where we are and then the name of the next stops. 


There is the possibility of obtaining a card "BONO-BUS" for a regular use of this public service. We can found all the information within the page in the section www.sadtn.sk  , Prístup k informáciám (Access to Information), and within this Internetový predpredaj - Všeobecné Obchodna podmienky.